Tools & Equipment


Hydraulic Lifting Cart

Welding Table (94x46)

3D Printer Compact Heat Press

Heat Press

3D Printer Large Scale Light Board

Light Board

3D Printer Standard

Fume Extractor

Arbor Press

Direct To Garment Printer

Heavy Duty Stitcher

Planishing Hammer

Spindle Sander

Wide Format Printer

Belt Grinder

Disc Belt Sander

Heptic Device

Pre-Treat Machine

Tool Sharpener

Wide Format Scanner

Bench Grinder

Embroidery Machine

Hydraulic Press

Quilting Machine

Wacom Board

Wide Format Vinyl Cutter

Deburring And Polishing Machine

English Wheel

Heptic Device

Long Arm Sewing Machine


Wide Format Laminator

15" Drill Press

Box & Pan Brake

Horizontal Mitering Bandsaw

Non-Ferrous Metal Cold Saw

Roll Bender

Slip Roll

Vertical Bandsaw

Woodworking Lathe

20" Drill Press

Draw Pipe Bender And Tooling

Hydraulic Shear

MIG Welder

Oxygen Acetylene

Scroll Saw

Spot Welder

Wide Belt Sander


Edge Sander


Miter Saw

Pipe Notcher

Plasma Cutter


Table Saw

Belt Drive Bench Lathe

Ferrous Metal Cold Saw

Magnetic Drill



Radial Arm Drill Press

Sheet Metal Notcher

TIG Welder

3D Scanner

Water Jet

CNC Plasma Cutter Table

Foam Mill

Laser Engraver


It is a good idea to schedule time of Level 4 and 5 machines at least 12 hours in advance. All machines besides computers can be reserved online. Most machines have a time limit of one concurrent hour. This is to guarantee availability of equipment except when reserved. If the machine is not reserved, it may be used on a first served basis. Some Level 4 and 5 machines may have longer time limits to allow for longer processes. If a you are needing access to a machine for an extended period of time, please consult with staff.


  • Treat GoCreate machines with care, as if they were your own. Maybe Better.
  • Makers may be responsible for costs of repair due to misuse.


  • The tool vending machine is available to anyone with a valid ID.
  • Tools are not to leave GoCreate. Ever.
  • You are responsible for any tool checked out with your ID.


  • We have a tool crib full of common tools that you are free to use.
  • Makers may be responsible for replacement or repair of tools.


GoCreate offers some consumables for sale at the front counter, such as welding rods, welding wire, bits, adhesives, tape, paper, hardware, electronic supplies, etc. Makers are also welcome to bring in their own.


Storage can be rented from GoCreate, Rolling Lockers $20 per month, or Standing Lockers $15 per month.