We require safety equipments to be worn at all times while in the wood/metal shop.

  • Use your head. And the safety gear and certifications required for the equipment you're using. We insist.
  • Don't be a hero. Don't get a hernia. Get help and use the proper equipment when moving large materials to and from machines.
  • Don’t make a weapon or anything that looks like one.
  • Some equipment is restricted to makers 14 years and older. Some studios are restricted to makers 18 and older, unless accompanied and supervised by an adult.

Intellectual Property

  • You make it, it’s yours. It’s that simple.
  • Members agree to be photographed for promotional purposes.
  • We cannot directly assist with the patent process, but our friends at WSU Ventures know a thing or two about it and can provide a list of resources.


  • You’re here to make a thing, not a scene. Watch your language. Be courteous. Be kind.
  • We expect members to comply with the Member Agreement, all staff instructions, policies, and posted signs. Bad behavior will come with consequences. We really hope it doesn’t come to that.

Food and Drink

  • Enjoy snacks in the ideas and office space. No food in the studios, please.
  • Beverages in bottles, cups or containers with sealable lids are allowed in most spaces.
  • Please clean up after yourself.

The GoCreate Code of Conduct

  • I will practice safety.
  • I will clean up my mess.
  • I will return my tools.
  • I will pay for my materials.
  • I will wear my badge at all times.
  • I will respect ideas and property.
  • I will do all of these things, Always.