Equipment Access and Safety

Safety first, last, always

Training is required to use some of our machines. Safety is required on all of them. Below is a key for our equipment, showing the access levels and any training that might be required to use them. But first, a few general rules.

A. When indicated, personal protective equipment (PPE) must be used.

B. Seek assistance when moving new material to and from large machines.

GoCreate users and members are prohibited from making anything a reasonable person would consider a weapon. Work on weapon parts (i.e. engraving and/or other modification) may be done with written permission from the facility manager. Only parts, no complete, weapons are allowed in GoCreate.

The machining room is restricted to makers 14 years of age or older. Those under age 18 will need to be accompanied, one on one, by a parent or approved adult.

Safety access levels

Access Level 1: No special instructions

  • Any member may use these machines
  • Examples: Computers, Printers

Access Level 2: If necessary, submit your job to technician on duty

  • Any member may use these machines
  • Examples: 3D Printers, Non-motorized hand tools

Access Level 3: If necessary, follow online tutorials

  • Members 10 years old and older may use these machines
  • Examples: Vinyl Cutters, Designated Hand-Held Power Tools

Access Level 4: Pass safety course and follow standard operating procedures

  • Members 18 years old and older or ages 14 through 17 with a liability form signed by their legal guardian, who have also passed a safety course, may use these tools.
  • Examples: Laser Cutters, Table Saw, Bandsaw, Drill Press, Miter Saw, Knee Mill, Lathe

Access Level 5: Technician or course certified

  • Members can submit a job to be done on these machines, but they will only be operated by the manager, technician, approved faculty or individuals who have completed required coursework
  • Examples: CNC equipment, EDM