Smooth the edges
Sand off the rough edges or put the finishing touches on your project in this studio, outfitted with sanders, grinders, smoothers, and painting and coating equipment.
Tools & Equipment
Tool Sharpener
TORMEK T-8 maximises the precision thanks to the revolutionary fully cast housing which guarantees minimal play for the Universal support.
Deburring and Polishing Machine
The Model 1200 deburrs, grains, polishes, cleans, descales, and buffs at a single station, a single machine, and a single operator.
Bench Grinder
Built to withstand the high volume demands of even the busiest shops. These high quality machines, grind, sharpen and smooth with equal precision and flawless results
Belt Grinder
Perhaps the thing operators notice first when putting the JET BG-379 through its paces is how safe and easy it is to use, even when grinding larger pieces along the entire length of the belt.