The Innovation Campus: Building Better Ideas
08.04.2016 | The New York Times | classes arts
Where once the campus amenities arms race was waged over luxury dorms and recreation facilities, now colleges and universities are building deluxe structures for the generation of wonderful ideas.
Makerspace Urges Innovators to GoCreate
12.03.2015 | Sonia Greteman |
Doers and dreamers from aviation’s earliest days broke free from earth’s pull. And changed lives round the world. We want modern-day tinkers and techies to continue pushing boundaries forward. Inquisitive minds now have a new space in which to play. It’s called GoCreate, a Koch Collaborative.
Koch and Wichita State University Announce GoCreate, the WSU Innovation Campus Makerspace
10.30.2015 | Press Release |
Liz Koch, president of the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation, unveiled the name and logo of the new makerspace that will open in the fall of 2016 on the Wichita State University Innovation Campus.
$11.25 million Koch pledge advances Wichita State University
12.16.2014 | Wichita State News | classes electronics
In a gift commitment with sweeping impact, Koch Industries and the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation have pledged $11.25 million to create and advance programs at Wichita State University
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