What is GoCreate?
GoCreate is a makerspace where members are welcome to bring their ideas and work on their projects. GoCreate provides space, tools, materials, knowledge, and helping hands.
What's in GoCreate?
GoCreate has an evolving inventory of equipment, tools and materials that make it possible to make (almost) anything.
What does GoCreate provide?
We mentor, train and develop. We maintain the machines, materials and spaces. Together, we keep the place clean. And together, we keep you safe.
Who can use GoCreate?
GoCreate is open to anybody: all ages, all experience levels. All you have to do is be a member who has completed the require safety and equipment training.
Who owns GoCreate inventions?
You think it and make it, it’s yours. Designs and products developed and produced here can be protected and sold however you choose.
How can businesses use GoCreate?
Commercial activities can be prototyped and incubated in GoCreate, but they should grow beyond rather than within the lab. If you make it big – and we hope that you do – you can’t make it here. GoCreate can be your stepping stone – but the space is not designed for mass production.
What if I can't afford it?

If you want to be here, we want you to be here, too. GoCreate is committed to providing access to anyone with a dream. Koch Industries and the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation donated $3.75 million to provide scholarships and training stipends to qualifying applicants, as well as support for mentor fellowships.

We offer scholarships to those who need it most – people with big ideas and an even bigger will to make it happen. The scholarships cover monthly membership and training fees for a six-month period, and may be extended for an additional six months.

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