You’ve got a million dollar idea but you don’t have a million dollars to make it. Bring your idea here. We have the space, tools and knowledge to make it happen. GoCreate is a makerspace. Compare it to a gym, but for geniuses, inventors, tinkerers, artists and other handy types who like working with their heads and their hands. A membership –and a few hours of safety training—gets you in the door and allows you to access to all the tools and expertise you need. It also gets you in a room with other people who can help you sharpen your idea or make connections that you hadn’t even considered before.

We open in early 2017 on the Wichita State University Campus. You don’t have to be a student or alumni or hipster or even an expert to be a member. GoCreate is for anyone, of any skill level. If you have an idea and the will to make it happen, you can make it here.