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Safety Access Levels
Access Level 1: No special instructions
  • Any member may use these machines
  • Examples: Computers, Printers
Access Level 2: If necessary, submit your job to technician on duty
  • Any member may use these machines
  • Examples: 3D Printers, Non-motorized hand tools
Access Level 3: If necessary, follow online tutorials
  • Members 10 years old and older may use these machines
  • Examples: Laser Cutters, Vinyl Cutters, Designated Hand-Held Power Tools
Access Level 4: Pass safety course and follow standard operating procedures
  • Members 18 years old and older or ages 14 through 17 with a liability form signed by their legal guardian, who have also passed a safety course, may use these tools.
  • Examples: Table Saw, Bandsaw, Drill Press, Miter Saw, Knee Mill, Lathe
Access Level 5: Technician or course certified
  • Members can submit a job to be done on these machines, but they will only be operated by the manager, technician, approved faculty or individuals who have completed required coursework
  • Examples: CNC equipment, EDM