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“One of the most comprehensive web-sites around on the subject of creativity.”
—Roger von Oech, Creative Think

Five Most Popular Pages

Right Brain Workouts | Create Your Own Quotation | Ricliché
Animal Crackers Online Tool | Quote of the Moment

Problem Solving

EVCO Scientific

Dr. Evelina Cohn pursues a cure for Multiple Sclerosis

Cruising to Aha!

Stephen R. Grossman uses Natural Selection to help small businesses solve problems

Animal Crackers

Serious process for solving tough problems

Idea Generation


Online collaborative idea generation


Free, do-it-yourself brainline

Head Shed

Creative blogs and tools, communities and services

Creativity Toolbox

Tools to kick start your creative thinking

Training and Education

Right Brain Workouts

Aerobics for the right side of your brain


An exercise in finding meaning in nonsense

Peter Lloyd Presents

Live presentations on the subject of creativity

Wild Ideas

Radio vignettes that promote creativity

Creative Animal Safari

One-day seminar at a certified Creative Animals Zoo

News and Information

Heads Up!

Invention and innovation news

Right Brain Books

Brain food for curious, creative minds

Creativity Timeline

A biased history of the creative world


Quotations on the creative process

Right Brain Articles

By Peter Lloyd and other original thinkers

Peter Lloyd

The person responsible for all this


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