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Alliance of Artists Communities

Collaborative project for increasing residencies by California visual artists from diverse communities.

Ask Nature

Catalog of nature-inspired creative stimulation moderated by contributors.

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Brings high-quality arts instruction to underserved children and youth in public housing communities.

Global Ideas Bank

Contains thousands of ideas from every corner of the globe.

Creativity Challenges

Yahoo group of people interested in developing their own creativity and creative thinking skills.


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Over 700 free ideas and growing.


International Federation of Inventors’ Associations

Institute of Inventors

Voluntary, non-profit Inventors’ Club, run by Professional Engineer Inventors, with help for all Private Inventors.

Invention Dimension

Celebrates inventors who have turned their ideas into accomplishments.

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Network of inventors.

Inventors Assistance League

Helps inventors and creative people protect and market ideas and inventions.

Minciu Sodas Laboratory

Open laboratory for serving and organizing independent thinkers.

National Inventor Fraud Center

Provide information to consumers about invention promotion companies and how people can market their ideas.


Needs no introduction.

Promise Communities

Build and manage private online communities to solve brand, innovation and research challenges

Solutions for the Common Good

solutions for the common good logoIdeaConnection is building an Encyclopedia for the Common Good where you can enter problems and solutions that benefit mankind.


Naming and branding community

Yanko Design Twitter

Covers industrial design, concepts, technology, interior design, architecture, exhibition and fashion. It’s about the cutting edge and the classic, the new and the rediscovered. It’s all about the best.

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