Merve | February Mentor of the Month
2020-03-03 12:46:45 | | Woodworking

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Merv Bontrager has been a mentor in the woodworking department at GoCreate since 2018.
With a degree in clinical social work, he used to be a spychotherapist. “When I retired, part of what I learned about being a human being is one needs to be creative- whatever their creativity is,” said Merv.
In the early stages of his hobby, Merv went into a woodworking store and saw a magazine with a piece on ‘the 3 P’s of woodworking.’ “It was perfectionism, procrastination, paralysis,” Merv said. “So I learned my problem was that I wasn’t perfect and I was obsessed with it. Consequently I became paralyzed. Once I realized it was okay to make mistakes, then I got it done.” Merv said that phrase from the woodworking magazine stuck with him as a lesson for life as well. “If I get obsessed with being perfect in life, I’m going to be paralyzed. So I’m constantly reminded that I don’t have to be perfect, because I can’t be.