Membership Overview
Monthly Membership
Memberships are $125 a month (with discounts and assistance available, see below). All memberships include access during member hours, safety and orientation courses, instruction on workstations and equipment, special invitations to GoCreate events and activities, and one free guest visit per week. Training on machines and special classes may have additional fees. Join Now
Student Discount
Students, staff and educators enjoy a 33% discount, making the cost per month $83. A summer membership is $250. Semester cost is $375.
Veterans and Seniors Discount
Veterans and seniors qualify for a 20% discount, making the monthly cost of membership $99.
Membership Assistance Available

GoCreate is committed to providing access to anyone with a dream. We offer assistance to those who need it most - people with big ideas and an even bigger will to make it happen.

Koch Industries and the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation donated $3.75 million to provide membership and training assistance to qualifying applicants, as well as support for mentor fellowships.

Membership assistance covers monthly membership and training fees for a six-month period, and may be extended for an additional six months. Apply Now

Membership Amenities

Your membership grants you full access to the makerspace, including the equipment, studios, and capabilities below. Oh, and you'll also get designated parking while visiting GoCreate.


Tools and Capabilities
  • Computer space with the latest design software
  • Digital fabrication tools, including 3D printers, laser cutter, vinyl cutter, electrical discharge machines and CNC machines
  • A complete woodshop including a planer, lathe, shaper, wide-belt sander and scroll saw
  • Metalworking tools including mills, lathes, ironworker, sheet metal machines and more
  • Welding equipment
  • Casting and injection molding
  • Electronics studio with circuit boards, wiring, switches and soldering tools
  • Finishing room with walk-in paint/coating booth, sandblaster, polishing wheels and buffers
  • Assembly area with large flat workspaces, benches and vices for individual or group projects
  • Lounge with a television and comfy chairs
  • Late hours to accommodate diverse schedules

Materials and Supplies
You may bring in your own building materials, but we do offer some items for sale, including:
  • Wood, metal or plastic for cutting or engraving
  • Vinyl, wood or metal
  • Hardware and fasteners
  • Personal protective equipment – you know, gear to keep you safe